Course Resources

This resource provides a list of resources referenced in each course. Click on the resource name on the document to be linked the resource.

ESRD Network Map

This map shows the states in each ESRD Network and provides the Network name and telephone number.

Peer Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Peer Mentoring Program.

Quick Reference Guide

This one page flyer highlights key tips to remember when mentoring.

Staying Connected

This resource provides tips on how peers can connect virtually.

Video: Kidney Connection: A Patient Peer Mentoring Program

This short video explains how a dialysis patient could benefit from joining the Kidney Connection Patient Peer Mentoring Program.

Video: Let’s Practice Peer Mentoring

This short video provides a brief look into a discussion between a peer mentor and mentee about vascular access.

New Patient Information

This flyer provides tips and resources for new patients.

Learning Modules

These modules provide additional information and resources to support peer mentoring.

Patient Journal

Journaling can offer support for emotional and physical healing. In between mentoring sessions this resource can help you write your thoughts and feelings as you reflect on your personal journey.

Goal Setting

These tools may help you organize your thoughts and give priority to what is most important to you. Setting goals can help you clarify what you wish to accomplish during your peer mentoring sessions, and with your care plan. 

Kidney Transplant Resources